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Our Project Partners


Pastor Mike Jones

Friendly Temple was founded by the Reverend Robert Davis in 1955.  Friendly Temple has continued to serve the St. Louis metropolitan region ever since.  As part of the Church’s mission, Friendly Temple provides community development initiatives that serve its members and constituents in the areas of affordable housing, retail, commercial and educational needs.  These development projects are most often completed with the assistance of qualified and trusted planning, construction and engineering firms, such as the ones listed in this proposal.

A few examples of successful development projects completed under the leadership of Friendly Temple are the 120-unit Arlington Grove Housing Project, the Friendly Temple Child Development Center, and the Friendly Temple Outreach Center.

Navigate Building Solutions.png

Craig Schluter

Navigate Building Solutions (NAVIGATE) is a long-term provider of construction management services to public agencies.  They have extensive experience in unique construction projects that contain historical building restoration and challenging renovations.  Below is a partial listing of this work, including in some cases the date of original construction of the historical building:

  • Historical Gateway Arch National Park Museum

  • Historical McKinley School Renovation (1902)

  • Historic Glendale Fire House Renovation (1915)

  • Historic Wellston Early Childhood Center (1942)

  • Historic St. Charles Foundry Arts Center (1920)


Jenny Ryan

PGAV’s take on planning assignments that help communities determine what they want their future to be and how to make it happen. PGAV is passionate in creating lasting community assets.  They have been doing this work in St. Louis since 1955 and are recognized nationally for their superior planning and design efforts.  A few representative community development projects for PGAV include; Beyond Housing 24:1 Comprehensive Land Use and Economic Development Plan, the Silver Moon Plaza in Chillicothe, Missouri, and the Branson Aquarium.  Jenny Ryan, a key member of the Bidder’s team for the Wellston Station Building, recently received the Community Planning Champion designation from the St. Louis Chapter of the American Planning Association.

Vanstar big.jpg

Nick Hugeback

Vanstar Construction will serve as the general contractor.  Vanstar construction was established in 1993.  Vanstar ownership will be actively involved from beginning to end for all projects, regardless of size and phase.  When stabilizing and renovating historic renovations, the preconstruction and planning process is imperative.  Vanstar will dedicate significant time and resources to this portion of the project to ensure it is setup correctly and identify risks and solutions as quickly as possible before construction starts.  Nick Hugeback and Tom Benning have extensive historic renovation experience and will be key leaders for Vanstar through this project.  Nick and Tom have worked on projects that went through the National Park Service and HUD.  Almost all of Vanstar’s projects are done with repeat clients due to Vanstar’s team approach with an attitude of finding solutions together.


Eric Mullkin, P.E.

EDM Incorporated has been providing structural, civil, and mechanical engineering solutions in St. Louis for over 45 years.  They have successfully completed challenging building restorations that include, for example, Polar Wave Building, N.O Nelson, and St. Mary's Church.

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